16 June 2019
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Home >> Courses in India >> Courses in India: Acting
Courses in India: Acting
The following section describes in detail about Acting as a career option, elaborated with reference to the Courses and Eligibility, Job Opportunities, Acting Institutes in India and Related Web Links.

Acting is a profession that calls out to a person. The actor is said to be assuming the role of another, usually for the benefit of an audience. Acting which is not a much competitive field because it requires some born talent so the demand as a profession is not affected in proportion to the supply.

All kinds of luck play a significant role in establishing a person in this field. Important attributes for a true actor are an arresting face and figure, good health, a good sense of rhythm, an aptitude for singing and dancing, a good memory and as ability to grasp things quickly, greater degree of imagination and sensitivity to get the feeling of a role and to interpret it, versatility, great self confidence, great enthusiasm and optimism, patience to get back from harsh criticism from directors, producers, colleagues etc. A well modulated voice with proper diction and into ration stage personality for a true actor is a natural pre-requisite.

There are various channels for the entry into the acting world. Of them, modeling is a popular one. Many of our actors and actresses have gained entry into film and television work by being noticed on the modelling scene. The requirements of modelling and acting are not really identical but the element of a stage personality, a good sense of rhythm, being photogenic, an arresting face and figure, poise and professionalism are noticeable and important traits which lead to offers of acting assignments.

Courses & Eligibility

The different types of Courses and their eligibilities are as follows:

1. P.G. Diploma in Acting
Duration: 2 Years
Eligibility: Bachelor"s Degree
Job Opportunities

Opportunities are not very bright except for the exceptionally talented and lucky few.The sudden invasion of satellite television network and interest in theatre has expanded opportunities significantly. Unbounded opportunities exist but the number of aspirants is so high but there are very few who get established in this profession because of the exceptional talent and luck. Luck plays the key role in this field.
Institutes in India

The following are the state wise list of the Acting Institutes in India.
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